About TheAlienDoctor

Hello humans, I am TheAlienDoctor but you can call me Alien and welcome to my website!

I create Minecraft content and livestreams, primarily on the Bedrock edition version of the game because that is the version I prefer (see FAQ). I make videos on an SMP called PinaCraft, tutorials for farms/contraptions I have designed and videos showcasing actually useful addons.

One of my aims with this channel is to create an amazing community, which I have named The Alien Empire! To join, simply subscribe! Maybe join the discord as well ;)


Why do you play Bedrock? Because I enjoy it more than playing Java edition. Also, most of the big Minecraft content creators play on Java - I want to change that!

How can I play with you? You can apply to join UFO SMP on my Discord, once you are over the chat level of 3. UFO SMP is my community cross play server, running Java server software with a plugin allowing Bedrock players to join as well.

Any more questions? Join my Discord and ask me there :)

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