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The aim of this pack is to create a one player sleep for Bedrock edition, but unlike most other one player sleeps doesn't change the behaviour of sleeping (e.g. speeding up how long you stay in a bed, having to be on top of the bed for one player sleep to work or resetting the game counter). Instead, this pack simply works and is a great alternative for the playersleepingpercentage gamerule that is not yet in Bedrock edition.

As well as this, you can optionally use the resource pack to turn certain texts in the game to make it clearer only one player has to sleep.

Contributors and Credits

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Original Creator


Version 1.1.0 Download for Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.50+
  • Updated GitHub repo to include rp and bp folders instead of using seperate branches
  • Changes the colour of the playername when sleeping to light green
  • Updated pack_icon to match my new format
  • Updated manifest.json to match my new format
  • Added rp as a dependency in the bp
  • Removed space at start of texts
  • Removed the space at start of the in game texts
Version 1.0.3 Download for Minecraft Bedrock 1.19+
  • Created a function command that is now ran when a player is sleeping. This means that another addon that uses a player.json can now set this function to run to add compatibility with this pack.
  • Removed colouring in chat sleep message
  • Updated naming for animation and animation controllers to be more consistent
Version 1.0.2 Download for Minecraft Bedrock 1.18+
  • Resource pack changelog
    • Removed all the unnecessary text entries from the .lang files, making the pack support future name change updates and making the file size of the resource pack much smallers
    • Added copyright to manifest.json
  • Behaviour pack changelog
    • Stopped rain from being as common (hopefully temporary fix, to do with how "/weather clear" command works)
    • Added copyright to manifest.json
Version 1.0.1 Download for Minecraft Bedrock 1.18+
  • Bug fixes
    • Changed the commands ran upon a player sleeping to stop the day counter from being reset
Version 1.0.0 Download for Minecraft Bedrock 1.18+
  • Only one player will have to sleep to skip the night and change the weather to clear
  • If you are using it with the resource pack then it will also change the vanilla text to say "x/1 players sleeping" and shorten the message in chat that says about every player needing to sleep to skip to day
  • Added pack_icon.png

Legal stuff

This pack is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License. You can find a copy of the license here

This gives you permsission for:

  • Commercial use
  • Modification
  • Distribution
  • Private use

And it has the following limitations:

  • Liability
  • Warranty

It also has the following conditions:

  • License and copyright notice
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