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This is a simple program written in AutoIt to convert Minecraft resource packs between version! It will let you convert betwee Minecraft Bedrock and Java editions! Please be aware that at this time, it will only convert texture files (.png) due to it being almost impossible to convert lots of the other .json file in a Minecraft resource pack, even if they were converted manually each time! For a full list of limitations, please check out this list.

To use this program, please check out the instructions.txt file included in the download or Alien's video, linked above!


  • Massive thankyou to Snakehat who helped me come up with a way better concept for how this would work (because no one likes re-writing if statements over 1000 times) and then helping me figuring out how to make that conecept work in AutoIT, despite never using it before as well as generated a script to automate the creation for the majority of the conversion variables.
  • Also thanks to the AutoIT forums, many old forum posts came in use for this xD

Contributors and Credits

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Version 1.5.1 Download for Windows [64 Bit]
  • Removed old cancel code
  • Updated version numbers that hadn't been updated before
  • Fixed Bedrock Pack version number in settings
Version 1.5.0 Download for Windows [64 Bit]
  • Completely rewritten the GUI, from both the backend and front end!
  • Added one central "convert" tab, that lets you select the type of conversion and run it, to replace the seperate tabs for the seperate conversion types
  • Added a settings tab so you can change settings without leaving (or restarting) the program
  • The options.ini file has been replaced with settings.ini, which can now be modified using the new settings tab
  • Updated instructions.txt
  • Made both pack types output to the same directory
Version 1.4.0 Download for Windows [64 Bit]
  • Additions
    • Added all necessary conversions for 1.20. Almost everything, if not everything, in 1.20 should be supported. Please let me know if you find a texture that is either broken or not converting so I can update it
    • You can now change the Java pack.mcmeta format version in the options.ini file, which allows you to change what version of Minecraft your pack supports.
    • You can now change the Bedrock manifest.json format version in the options.ini file, which allows you to change what version of Minecraft your pack supports.
    • You can also change the Bedrock pack version number via the options file. Useful if you have multiple versions of the same pack, as they will now show up in game.
  • Changes
    • Updated icon. Finally there's a dedicated logo! Created by Bing AI.
    • You can now have multiple instances of the pack converter, but only if they are different versions. I'm not sure who wants this, but you're welcome 😅
  • Fixes
    • Fixed the "repeats" option not actually reading from the options file and using the default. You should once again be able to change how many times the pack converter attempts to convert items.
Version 1.3.0 Download for Windows [64 Bit]
  • Additions
    • Added a new button to load the original pack name and description, as suggested in #10
    • Due to the above change, the UDFs from JSON.au3 and the required BinaryCall.au3 have been added. The original download for these UDFs can be found in the UDF.txt inside the UDF folder.
    • Added ability to convert panorama background screens, as suggested in #12
    • Added version number to window titles
    • Added Windows XP to supported list
  • Fixes
    • Fixed GUI tab order. Now pressing the tab key will tab through elements in a more reasonable order
    • Fixed single instancer - you should no longer be able to open multiple instances.
  • Other changes
    • The conversion count variable is now declared at the start of the script and whenever the main conversion function is ran. This is to stop a non fatal error
    • Changed FileDescription to the same as the title, so when you hover over the script on the taskbar it says its name.
Version 1.2.1 Download for Windows [64 Bit]
  • Temporarily re-enabled multi instancing to fix an issue
  • Made sure all version numbers are now up to date
Version 1.2.0 Download for Windows [64 Bit]
  • Added pack_icon conversion
  • Added time and date to each logged line in log file
  • Fixed a bug where animated block textures would look squished in Bedrock - #6
Version 1.1.0 Download for Windows [64 Bit]
  • Added a loading bar to the GUI! This means you can tell when the pack converter is running. Bear in mind it is largely still work-in-progress and I am working on finding a better system.
  • When manually triggering the checkForUpdates function, there will now be a message box displayed even if no new update was found.
  • Added UDF's to GitHub repo (due to slight modifications one of them)
Version 1.0.1 Download for Windows [64 Bit]
  • Added a message box when no new updates were found
  • You can now trigger the check for updates function by clicking on the version number
  • Fixed default update download link
Version 1.0.0 Download for Windows [64 Bit]
  • Released the pack converter, letting people convert Minecraft resource packs between Bedrock and Java...

Legal stuff

This program is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License. You can find a copy of the license here

This gives you permsission for:

  • Commercial use
  • Modification
  • Distribution
  • Private use

And it has the following limitations:

  • Liability
  • Warranty

It also has the following conditions:

  • License and copyright notice
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