Series and Servers world downloads


Here you can find all the World downloads for Aliens finished series and servers! You may recieve a virus warning from some larger worlds, this is because Google Drive cannot check that download because its too big. I take care to make sure that all my downloads contain no viruses.

Name Date DD.MM.YY Type Size Minecraft Version
AlienCraft Season 1 (Latest backup due to corruption) 07.09.20 Series 95,108 KB Bedrock 1.16.0
Big Inc SMP 10.03.21 SMP Series 52,044 KB Bedrock 1.16.0
PinaCraft Season 2 (Via 1.11.21 SMP Series 600.53 MB Bedrock 1.17
UFO SMP Season 0 29.11.21 Community server 1.57 GB Java 1.17.1
AlienCraft Season 2 18.08.22 Series 171.2 MB Bedrock 1.19.20
UFO SMP Season 1 18.12.22 Community server 674 MB Java 1.19.2
PinaCraft Season 3 (Via 02.01.23 SMP Series 748.73 MB Bedrock 1.19.0