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What is UFO SMP?

UFO SMP is Alien's community Java and Bedrock cross play SMP server. Other than a few minor plugins and datapacks, its completly vanilla.

We are currently on our 2nd season, confusingly named Season 1 (first season was a tester season, so we called it season 0.) To find out all the information about this season, join Alien's Discord and check the info channel!

The server is meant to be a place for members of The Alien Empire community to hang out, its not meant to be a random server for people looking for an SMP to join :)

Great! How do I join?

You're getting a bit a head of yourself! Firstly, make sure you meet the requirements to join:

  • Be above the age of 13
  • Apart of TheAlienDoctor's Discord server
  • Level 5 or over on Alien's Discord (check your level with "!rank" command in the commands channel) To level up, simply chat! This helps us get to know you a bit more so we know you fit well in the community.

If you meet all of those requirements then click here to apply!

We accept 99.9% of people, the form is just an easy way of filtering out trolls, griefers and other unwanted people to join :)


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Season 2

Date started: 20/12/22

Date ended: N/A

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Season 1

Date started: 02/12/21

Date ended: 18/12/22

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Season 0

Date started: 18/06/21

Date ended: 29/11/21

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How often does the server reset? Normally the server resets in line with each Minecraft update, so normally about a year.

What plugins and datapacks are on the server? You can find a list of the plugins used here, most of them are for admin purposes.

Is it cross play, and if so which versions mechanics does it have? Yes! The server is cross-play, and because it is ran on a Java edition server it uses Java mechanics meaning Redstone and farm designs will need to work on Java edition for it to work on UFO SMP

Anymore questions? Ask them on my Discord server!